"The audience was overwhelmed by the pure talent of the two musicians, whose performance was 'boiling' with emotions, without losing fully nuanced control of the details. All three movements of the Mozart Sonata for violin and piano showed great understanding of the Viennese musical tradition, the great composers musical language, yet showed a very personal and unorthodox approach to the piece. 

The masterpiece of the Romantic era- Schubert's 'Grand Duo' for violin and piano is a piece I had heard on numerous occasions before, however the two musicians managed to surprise me with how logical the transitions from one movement to the other were, creating a uniquely charming interpretation 'in one breath'. Ravel Sonata for violin and piano is one of the many eclectic works of the 20th century,combining the impressionistic first movement with the blues and the elements of classic jazz in the second and third movements. The musicians managed to bring out the full pallet of musical colors and maximize the impact of the music on the audience. classic jazz Sonata II in the form of one of the musical - "blues". Musicians offered the audience the exact nature of the work, which showed the beauty of the whole work more attractive. I would like to highlight the interpretation of Olivier Messiaen's "Theme Variations. The entire complexity of the composer's musical language, that includes unusual rhythmic patterns mixed with a personal system of beliefs, seemed to vanish entirely in the performance of the two musicians. The flawless skills of the duo captivated the audience's attention for the duration of the piece all the way to the overwhelming grandiose climax."


                                                               -  Alexi Shanidze, composer, music critic, official magazine of the Composers Union of Georgia Music